How to Run QuickBooks Payroll Without Subscription

QuickBooks payroll is an incredibly helpful accounting tool. It comes in various editions, Basic, Enhanced and Full Service. In addition, it offers a large range of services including – automatic tax calculations, quick paychecks for employees and contractors etc. But did you know it is possible to run QuickBooks payroll without subscription as well?

In this blog, we will explain how to use payroll without subscription. The process is simple and fast, so you do not really require professional help. The necessary settings are available within the program itself. But, if you come across any difficulty in understanding the steps, feel free to contact Account Cares.

Using QuickBooks Payroll Without Subscription

Before moving ahead and running payroll in QuickBooks without subscription, check your subscription plan. If the plan is still active, the below-mentioned steps won’t work for you. You need to call the official representative to cancel the plan for you. Calling on our toll-free number would also provide you with help.

If you have the 2018 R8 version of the accounting tool please ensure that your computer is not connected with the internet. You need to be offline before making use of the step-wise guidelines we are about to list down.

Steps to process QuickBooks Payroll Without Subscription

Here is how you can make use of payroll in QB without a subscription: –

1- Make sure that your preferences are set up for payroll.

  • Go to your software’s preferences and check whether it is set up for payroll.
  • Look for the Edit Menu and choose the Preferences option.
  • On the left bar, you will find the Payroll and Employees option wherein you need to select Company Preferences.
  • After that, you will find the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Features option, there you need to click on the Full Payroll radio button
  • Lastly, exit from the preferences section by clicking on OK.

2. Now, go to the Help bar, and select the QuickBooks Help (you can also make use of the F1 key of your keyboard to open the Help field).

3. In the Help section, you will find a Search text bar, in that field quickly enter – manual payroll and Hit Enter.

4.  From the different topics, you need to choose the Calculate payroll manually option (manual payroll means running payroll without subscription and not paying for the additional services.)

5. Now, look for the clickable setting that says – Set your company files to use the manual payroll calculations, and simply click on it.

6. After you select that manual set up option, please take note that QB will enter ZERO amount for every tax-related payroll item.

7. Exit from QuickBooks Desktop and Reopen the software once again.

Key Points to Remember

There are some key points that you need to remember while handling the Payroll section of your accounting program. These points include: –

  • If by chance, you end up clicking on the set company for manual calculations by mistake do not worry about it. You will be able to switch on the automatic calculations option if you sign to your QuickBooks desktop payroll with your id.  
  • In case your company file makes use of an Intuit-permitted hosting company, you may need to contact the hosting service provider in order to use the manual payroll in QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your company file saved on your computer before actually turning on the manual version. After doing this, simply follow the steps we have given above.

We hope this blog helped you in learning the process of using payroll without any subscription. To learn the same about other kinds of accounting tools, stay in touch with Account Cares, We will keep updating our blog section with more useful information. You may contact at any time to learn more.

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