Is Going for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting a Wise Decision?

The success of a business cannot be determined by the amount of profit it makes or the number of employees it has. The growth of the business also depends on the accounting software it uses and regularly works on. For instance, QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting tool that is highly efficient when it comes to providing accounting assistance. But, did you know QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting is also a thing nowadays?

If you are unaware of what it is, we will help you learn about it through this blog. We’ll explain to you why opting for it is a wise decision to make.

Advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise

With the increasing business complexities and a rise in the number of employees, it is essential to upgrade your accounting software also. So, let us take a quick look at the advantages of choosing cloud hosting for QB Enterprise edition: –

• It consists of an improved pricing framework that enables users direct control to customize and automate their pricing structure. After setting up the pricing, you will be able to complete all the calculations in an efficient manner.

• Besides that, it also contains a super-fast reporting feature that makes all the information readily available to clients. It gives them full access to customizable reports and easy templates.

• As a small business owner, you will be able to add up to 30 users in this version of QuickBooks. No other edition offers this option.

• The software also consists of multiple industry-specific editions such as manufacturing, contractor, nonprofit, wholesale and retail.

At Account Cares, we can also help you decide which accounting tool is perfect for your business with our consulting services. From helping you buy payroll software to guiding you on how to migrate data from one accounting tool to another – we can do it all.

How QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting will be Beneficial

Now, let’s talk about the ways in which cloud hosting will improve your QuickBooks experience. Here is a list of advantages that will help you make a better decision: –

  1. Opting for cloud hosting service for the enterprise version of QB, we will give you access to your accounting data from all around the world. This is one feature that is extremely essential in today’s day and age. It makes easier for companies to stay 24/7 available for their customers and helps them stay ahead from their competitors.
  2. Another fantastic advantage of moving to the cloud is – multi-user access. This allows an organization to achieve better productivity and improve the overall quality of all accounting tasks. Your team can connect with one another anytime and from any geographical location.
  3. Data Recovery is also a feature that gets access to once you move your accounting data to the cloud. With QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, you will receive regular and automated data backup so that you do have to do it on your own each time. The data recovery feature is greatly beneficial at the time of crisis or disaster as well because your data will remain safe on a cloud platform.

Highly Secure Cloud-Based Platform For All Business

In the time when cyber-attack cases are rising with lightning speed, it is essential to have a bank-level security option. With cloud hosting, you will attain this security so that your data remains safe. A cloud-hosted server offers multiple layers of security and is connected to fully secured data centres that ensure data safety. A business can attain 360-degree protection from all kinds of online threats and security breaches.

With the development of your business, you should definitely upgrade your regular accounting software to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting as it is the most definitive accounting solution. Contact Account Cares if you are a small-medium sized enterprise that requires more information related to this topic.

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